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Donald Trump's Butler Tony Senecal

by Anthony P. Senecal

Donald Trump's Former Butler Makes A SHOCKING Confession, CNN's Carol Costello reports!

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Fox's GOP debate Canceled

by Niraj Chokshi

Fox News canceled its upcoming Republican presidential debate after contenders Donald Trump and John Kasich backed out.

Kasich, the Ohio governor, said he would join the event only with the participation of GOP front-runner Trump, who on Wednesday morning said he planned to skip the Monday debate in Salt Lake City because he already had plans to deliver a "very major speech" on the same day.

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The Republican Presidential Debate

by Alexander Burns

It was a restrained, PG-rated debate in a primary campaign drenched in vulgarity and rhetorical bile. But in the last forum before the critical primaries in Florida and Ohio, the Republican presidential contenders all gave powerful signals of where their candidacies are headed.

For Donald J. Trump, the debate on Thursday was an acute test of his fluency with policy. For Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, it was an opportunity to set the rules of engagement that might govern a drawn-out nomination fight between him and Mr. Trump

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Oops: Romney Does Trump A Favor

by John Baldoni

Governor Mitt Romney delivered a blistering attack on Donald Trump that criticized the front-running Republican candidate for his lack of business acumen, trustworthiness and temperament. Romney sought to position himself above the fray, but in reality he stepped into the street and ended up doing the one thing I never thought possible: portray Trump as sympathetic.

Here was a bastion of the Republican establishment excoriating Trump for being a "fraud." In doing so Romney surfaced memories of his own ill-fated 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns. He sought to be the enforcer and instead he seemed like an overly scripted high school debater.

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What Would A Trump Presidency Mean For China?

by Douglas Bulloch

The prospect of a Trump Presidency may not attract universal enthusiasm around the world, but each step in the US primary process brings the possibility a little closer. Assuming, however, that it is indeed possible, what would it mean for China?

China is already in the uncomfortable position of "being involved" by virtue of Donald Trump's almost constant references to China "killing us on trade", which led to an unusual Chinese intervention in the domestic affairs of another state. Right after the Nevada caucus on February 23rd a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman issued a sharply worded reminder of China's belief in the mutual benefits of a "positive policy towards China." This was in answer to a question, and couched in the usual diplomatic terminology, but there was little doubt what, and to whom, she was referring.

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Is All This Trump-Bashing Still A Wise Approach For Cruz And Rubio?

by Bill Whalen

Let's set the way-back machine to springtime 1996 and ask how that year's version of the Republican Party would have handled a political insurrection.

It's not that far fetched of a scenario given that Pat Buchanan was mounting a Trumpish presidential campaign in that particular election similar sounding strains of nativism and protectionism that The Donald presently advocates.

How would the Republican establishment have handled Buchanan? My guess: by sending forth someone who stood head and shoulders above the political crowd. And in 1996 there was such a person: Colin Powell.

Mitt Romney, loyal soldier that he may strive to be, is not a four-star general. As far as taking Donald Trump to the woodshed, he's anything but the ideal spokesman. Like Trump, Romney has drifted ideologically. His inability to dress down President Obama with the same fervor that he displayed in Thursday's speech deconstructing the Trump business mystique is one of the reasons why Trump has so easily tapped into the GOP's grassroots resentment.

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7 Strategies For Success From Donald Trump's Failures

by Vanessa McGrady

Maybe the thought of Donald Trump as president sends you into a silent scream, ready to book your one-way ticket to Canada. Or maybe you think that all his racist crazy talk is exactly what our country needs to heal and prosper. Either way, we all can learn a little something about success from Trump's great wins and dismal failures. The lessons include:

Trump: "I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I'll build them very inexpensively, I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall."

Mexican President Vicente Fox: "I am not going to pay for that f****** wall."

Hmm, an impasse. Can you guys just go Dutch?

When The Donald took over the bargain, pragmatic Eastern Air Shuttle airline in 1988 and renamed it Trump Shuttle, he gussied up the planes to look like Sue Ellen Ewing decorated McMansions but the passengers just wanted to get where they were going , quickly and cheaply. He also didn't factor in high fuel prices. The company went bust. This was, of course, before coach class had become the complete gulag it is today. Maybe we could stand for a little obligatory champers on the house.

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Is the Mexican Government Finally Fighting Back Against Donald Trump?

by Leon Krauze

Vicente Fox, the former President of Mexico, has never been known as a quiet man. The countrys acerbic cartoonists often portray him as either a long tongued fool or a foot in mouth gaffe machine. During his six years in office, Fox mispronounced famous names and ignored diplomatic protocol, once even trying to order Fidel Castro to have lunch and then leave during the United Nations development summit in Monterrey, in 2002. (Alas, Castro was recording Foxs phone call and proceeded to shame his Mexican host by releasing the audio publicly.) But Fox has also been known to speak his mind. And so he did in an interview recorded last week with Jorge Ramos, the anchor of Univision and Fusion. Ramos asked Fox about Donald Trumps plan to build a wall along the southern border of the United States that, according to Trump, the Mexican people will happily pay for. I am not going to pay for that fucking wall, Fox said.

The outburst was unprecedented, even by Foxs standards, but perhaps not gratuitous. Mexico has become the focus of Trumps xenophobic rhetoric on the Presidential campaign trail. Hardly a rally goes by without Trump going on a rant against Mexico and advertising the building of his big, beautiful wall. From the very first moments of his Presidential bid, Trump has repeatedly disparaged Mexican immigrants, spreading falsehoods and playing into Americans nativist suspicions. He has called for mass deportation, an act that would take a direct toll on the lives of at least five million undocumented Mexicans living in the United States. Trump has also suggested that he would impose an astounding thirty five per cent import tariff on the countrys goods. He would then demand the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which he has called a disaster.

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The Problem with the Never Trump Movement

by John Cassidy

Give one thing to the organizers of the Republican effort to stop Donald Trump from getting the G.O.P. nomination: they know how to make a negative ad. The sixty second spot about Trump University that the Our Principles super PAC started airing on Wednesday is devastating. It alternates clips of Trump promoting the so called school, which he launched in 2005, with accusations from the office of Eric T. Schneiderman, New Yorks Attorney General, that it was a scam operation that bilked each student out of as much as thirty five thousand dollars. After watching the spot, you are forced to wonder why on earth the Bush, Rubio, and Cruz campaigns didnt put out something like it six months ago.

hats a question for the campaign historians to answer. The immediate question is whether the Never Trump movement can succeed. For at least a couple of reasons, I am deeply skeptical.

The first goes to the old saying that you cant beat something with nothing. The dump Trump movement has a clear and convincing messagehes a dangerous charlatanbut it doesnt have a candidate. Some of the people behind the Our Principles PAC, such as the hedge-fund billionaire Paul Singer, are supporters of Marco Rubio, but Rubios campaign is sagging badly. Over the next six days, another nine Republican primaries or caucuses will be held, and the Florida Senator isnt favored to win any of them, except perhaps Puerto Rico. According to the polls, hes also well behind Trump in his own state, which votes on March 15th.

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Clinton Tax Rate For Richest 0.1% Would Be Nearly Double Trump's

by Janet Novack

A new analysis of the tax proposals Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has detailed so far, finds they would raise $1.1 trillion in additional revenue over the next decade, and another $2.1 trillion in the decade after that, at the expense of high earners, wealthy heirs, investors, the fossil fuels industry, multinationals, and any pretense of tax code simplicity.

If the changes were in full effect in 2017, the report from the Tax Policy Center estimates, the top 1% would pay an average of $78,284 in additional taxes, with their average effective federal tax rate rising 3.4 percentage points to 36.2%, (TPC defines the top 1% as those having expanded income, including some normally excluded items such as retirement account contributions and tax-exempt benefits, of more than $732,323). The top 0.1% (who have expanded income over $3.77 million) would pay an average of $519,741 more, with federal taxes grabbing 39.2% of their incomes, an increase of 5 percentage points. Overall, 78% of Clintons new taxes would be paid by the highest earning 1% , the TPC estimates.

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Roger Stone: $70 Million in Ads Going After Trump in Florida

by Newsmax

Big donors will probably spend $70 million "trashing Donald Trump in Florida," Republican consultant Roger Stone tells Newsmax TV.

By contrast, "the Trump campaign placed a media buy for approximately a million dollars," he said in post-debate coverage Thursday night.

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