Set time aside for volunteering. Gauge the time in your week you have to spend on things like work and family, and determine how much free time you can volunteer to the Conservative candidates comfortably. That will help you determine which specific activities you can manage.

Determine whether you have any resources besides your time which you can volunteer. If you have a house, you may be able to host phone banks or envelope stuffing. If you have a car you may be able to drive voters to their polling place.

Contact your local Conservative candidates headquarters and ask them whether they could use a volunteer. The Conservative candidates official website has a list of local offices, which are the best places to get started, as well as a direct application to volunteer.

Work at phone banks to contact voters and let them know where the Conservative candidates stands on the issues. They usually provide scripts for you to read and a list of voters to call. Always be courteous and upbeat when you talk to people over the phone, and be sure and thank them for their time.

Man a registry booth at public events and get-togethers. Like other political parties, the Conservatives set up booths at street gatherings and public thoroughfares to register voters or to speak about certain issues. You can take an afternoon to help sign up new voters or pass out leaflets.

Distribute campaign signs. During every election, loyal voters post signs advocating candidates they like or measures which they support or oppose. You an help distribute them or post them on the lawns of those who request them.

Write letters to newspaper editors and to Congress expressing Conservative views. A letter-writing campaign is one of the most effective ways to make your voice heard, and the Democratic party can help you coordinate your letter with others if you so desire.

Drive people to their polling places so that they can vote. Registered Conservative who don't have automobiles or ready access to public transportation will need rides to get to the polls on election day. If you have a car, you can volunteer to give them a lift and help them make sure that their votes are counted.


Like all political campains, the Conservative candidates depends on volunteers to help propel them to victory. Volunteers perform many of the "grass roots" functions for the candidates, helping to spread the word about their nominees and the issues they stand for. One of the best ways to help Conservative candidates is to volunteer your time and resources.













Tips and Warnings

It helps to make a list of things you are skilled at before you volunteer. If you're outgoing, you might enjoy working the phone banks, while a quieter volunteer can stuff envelopes or help distribute signs. Knowing your personal strengths and proclivities will help make you a better volunteer.